COLDER NYC PATTERN LOOMING -Good afternoon folks! After a wild Monday, we begin to find ourselves in a period of transition. Systems such as this one are hard to predict, but I am happy over the results as far as what we predicted and what we got. Most coastal areas saw wind gusts of 50-60mph, 1-3″ of rain, minor to moderate coastal flooding. Also, official sea buoy readings south of Jones Beach, measured 19.7ft seas and 61mph gusts.

For the rest of the day today, clouds, showers, and breezy conditions as low pressure over the area remains stubborn to leave. It’ll be a cold rain, with temps in the mid to upper 30’s, and we may even see some sleet and wet flakes before all is said and done tonight. However, little to no accumulation is expected; maybe just a thin layer of slush on the cars IF it ends in this manner.

By sunrise tomorrow, things will have cleared out for the most part and winds will gradually diminish, paving the way for a beautiful Wednesday with highs in the mid to upper 40’s; possibly 50 if we can maximize on the sunshine. On Wednesday night, clouds increase again as our next frontal system heads our way, which will be the marker for the change in patterns over the course of the week.

There will be a slight chance of showers Wednesday night, and again on Thursday until early afternoon as we find ourselves in the warm sector of a frontal boundary again; highs near or just above 50. Thursday night, things cool back down into the upper 30’s and we begin to dry out.

Keep in mind that this will not be some sudden Arctic blast, things will cool down eventually as time goes on with the help of several weak and relatively dry frontal boundaries. Highs Friday will be in the low 40’s, then upper 20’s with clear skies at night. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday will be in the upper 30’s to near 40 with sunny skies, and 20’s at night again.

In the long range, I do see the prospect of a colder airmass moving in, but how long it lasts is uncertain. As of now, the beginning of February looks to be at or below normal temperature wise. Several systems will move through the area after the dry period this weekend, but we have to wait and see what this means as far as snow. To the disappointment of some, confidence is rather low for any type of major snowstorm as of now, as well as how long this cold period lasts. It wants to get colder, and it will, but the system paths bring us back to warmer air temporarily as they pass; a repeated theme throughout the winter so far. However, there’s always a surprise lurking, so we’ll keep an eye on things.


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COLDER NYC PATTERN LOOMING – Our monster storm is slowly departing the area, paving the way for one more frontal boundary before the pattern becomes more winter-like temperature wise.

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COLDER NYC PATTERN LOOMING – Rain continues to be stubborn as the low just sits over us. It may end as a period of sleet and wet snow tonight with little to no acccumulation.

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Rain continues to rotate in a classic pattern indicative of a slowly departing low pressure system.
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