Coastal Storm Tides Winds Peak Today Tonight

Coastal Storm Tides Winds Peak Today Tonight

Good morning everyone. Our first Nor’easter is spooling up now and the pressure gradient will begin to tighten; peaking those winds and tides before it slowly starts to pull away and make room for a nice holiday weekend. We still don’t expect anything extreme out of this, just your run-of-the-mill coastal storm with some strong gusts and nuisance flooding in the typical areas.


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Clouds and raw temps are a given at this point until some time on Saturday, so we’ll just talk precip, wind and tides. Winds peak today with 15-25mph sustained NNE fetch and gusts 35-40mph, possibly a little higher at the immediate shore. The further out east you go along the shore, the stronger the winds will be. Areas such as the Forks of Long Island could see wind gusts in the 50-55+ range, common for this type of system and nothing out of the ordinary. Rain will be on and off and just as the wind, the best chance of precipitation will be the further east you go. Highs today in the 55-60 degree range.

High tide cycles today and through tomorrow morning will be an issue for the areas that see nuisance flooding during Nor’Easters. Areas such as Gerritsen, Broad Channel, Far Rockaway, parts of Long Beach, Baldwin, Freeport, Lindenhurst, and so on, should move their cars away from streets that typically flood, and make sure their sump pumps are operational for those with basements that get water during Nor’Easters.


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We continue this nasty and raw weather tomorrow, with a carbon copy day aside from winds that’ll slowly back off. It’ll still be windy out, but peak gusts will begin to subside as everything slowly begins to depart for Saturday. Expect more on and off showery conditions and highs 55-60.


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I’m keeping in the forecast the slight chance of shower early Saturday morning before we slowly decrease the clouds. It won’t be a perfect day, but we’ll slowly recover and winds will be much lighter. Look for highs in the mid 60’s, possibly a touch higher if we get some extra sun.

On Sunday, the steady northerly flow finally cuts off completely, and we’ll have clouds and sun with highs in the 65-70 degree range.

Columbus Day on Monday is looking like the best day of our 3 day weekend, with full sunshine, light winds, and highs near 70.

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In the long range, we have a rather active, fast moving pattern that’ll bring a few vigorous systems at or near the area. Temps will be seasonal for the most part, but we are in a very typical October pattern; which will bring some cool days and a few relatively warm days as well depending on the timing of our systems. A few 75 degree days are not impossible, as well as a few 55-60 degree days (aside from today and tomorrow).


Please note that with regards to any tropical storms or hurricanes, should a storm be threatening, please consult your local National Weather Service office or your local government officials about what action you should be taking to protect life and property.