HURRICANE MARIA HURRICANE JOSE WEATHER SMORGASBORD – Good afternoon everyone. I’m back with a quick update on Jose, Maria, and what to expect here locally in the NYC area.

As far as Jose is concerned, everything that was expected is ongoing. We have scattered, gusty showers, especially as some of the outer rain bands transit from east to west, coastal flood warnings/advisories, and basically Nor’easter-type conditions; but take out the snow and/or cold, and add humid conditions with quick temp spikes whenever the sun comes out. As you go further out east, the winds pick up more, but still remain no more disconcerting than your average coastal low here in the Northeast. The primary issue with Jose, is the coastal flooding possibilities in flood prone areas, high surf, and beach erosion.

After Harvey, Irma, then Jose’s close call, the sight of Maria is absolutely heartbreaking. She’s weighing in as a Cat5 hurricane with 160mph winds, 195mph gusts, and is making a direct line towards the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Also, expect Maria to make a close run to the British Virgin Islands, making a complicated situation from Irma, even worse. Barring any miracle, the sights will be similar in the U.S. Virgin Islands and parts of Puerto Rico as what Irma did to other parts of the Leewards, and what Maria already did to Dominica. Catastrophic damage and a complete land stripped of vegetation and homes is very possible.

Right at this moment, Maria does not pose an immediate threat to the lower 48 states, but could affect parts of the Bahamas and continue the rough surf that Jose is throwing our way. As with Irma, Jose, and Harvey, we will continue to watch for any changes in projected track that could change Maria’s narrative.

Locally, once Jose clears on out, we have a beautiful but warm block of weather in store for us. In order for it to be considered an “Indian Summer”, you need to have a first frost then warm weather; so technically this doesn’t fall under that category, but temps will be above normal for a good stretch.

Tomorrow will be warm and humid as Jose pulls away. We’ll have clouds and sun,a slight chance of a gusty shower, and overall breezy throughout the day; highs in the low 80’s. Low to mid 80’s are possible on Thursday as sun returns. After that, we’ll have highs near 80 or in the low 80’s Friday into Monday, with warm temps possibly sticking around to the following Thursday depending on the timing of our next front.


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