NYC Cold Thursday Today Mild Weekend Ahead

NYC Cold Thursday Today Mild Weekend Ahead

Good morning everyone. Cold air has worked its way into the area for a short stay, then a broad system has some mild air in store for us. Before you snow lovers punch the computer screen, this is a common occurrence during January or February, even in active and cold winters; and to be fair, before you spring lovers start digging through the closet for your bikinis, this mild air comes at a price and it won’t be too fantastic outside.


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We have a quiet and cold day today with the core of that airmass settling in over the area. Winds have settled down and we will struggle to get out of the low to mid 30’s. Average high this time of year are in the upper 30’s, so we are not that far below average, but it’ll feel cold and crisp nonetheless.

Clouds begin to slowly increase tonight as the warmer air will begin to introduce itself, and that’ll reflect our lows as we really don’t budge. Low temps overnight will be in the low 30’s.


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Look for variable clouds tomorrow and highs will begin to creep up. Fog will be possible later in the evening/overnight as mild air begins to interact with the cooler waters. Highs tomorrow in the upper 40’s to maybe low 50’s if the sun peeks out.


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Saturday begins the real mild push with the warm front to our broad system, well to our north. A strong southerly fetch will bring upper 50’s to low 60’s to the area, but issues with clouds, fog, and drizzle remain. If by chance we see patches of sunshine, things may get interesting in spots with high temps, but I’m remaining on the conservative side for now.

Rain moves in overnight, and once again we’ll hardly fall from our highs. Expect mid 50’s, breezy conditions, and spotty rain possibly heavy at times.

Early Sunday we hold onto the rain as well as the mild temps. 60-65 degree temps with humid conditions will be experienced throughout the area. In between raindrops, clouds, fog, and drizzle will continue to lurk, especially at the immediate shores. That front will pass through some time early to mid afternoon, and we may even see some sunshine break out. We’ll have a pause in the cooler air moving in, but temps should drop fairly quickly by around sunset or possibly earlier.

From 60’s we go to low to mid 30’s overnight, then the winds begin to start up again. Mid 40’s should be it on Monday, with breezy conditions throughout.

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