Another NYC Spring Day and Summer Feel Tomorrow

Another NYC Spring Day and Summer Feel Tomorrow

Good morning everyone. If you’re up early, a small cluster of showers and a few rumbles of thunder is beginning to skirt the area; specifically the south shore of Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island. This represents the warm front coming back into the area, which will help give us another very mild to warm day here. Tomorrow, we break out into some early summer weather, then dial things back towards spring for the rest of the week.


storm free

Expect a brief period of showers with embedded rumbles of thunder early this morning, then partial clearing. We’ll have sun and clouds this afternoon as our warm front pushes through the area, after passing by as a cold font 2 days ago. We’ll have temps in the 75-80 range today (sunshine dependent), and cooler at the shore. If by chance we see some extra sunshine, some spots may break 80.

This evening, we’ll have storms to our west and maybe some sliding sliding to our north. These will most likely die out before reaching here, but they could still pass through as a weaker line of showers and thundershowers. Nothing severe is expected here, but these storms could produce small hail and gusty winds in PA and parts of NJ. Most of the action, if any, will probably not make it here till 9pm or later.


storm free

Tomorrow we’ll start out with the chance of some early morning leftover showers and fog, then we play the partial clearing game again with sun and clouds. It’ll be noticeably more humid tomorrow and much warmer as well, especially if the sun cooperates. Expect 80-85 degree temps (sunshine dependent) away from the shore, with the slight chance of some upper 80 marks dotting the area IF we get into some full sunshine at the right time. For the most part though, 80-85 and 70-75 at the coast will be your best bet. We’ll also have the slight chance of another shower or storm in the afternoon, but any line will be thin and most of the energy will pass north.

Unlike the last few weeks, these systems are on the move and everything clears out in a timely fashion. This will clear the way for a windy, dry, sunny, and seasonable Tuesday with highs in the upper 60’s to low 70’s. Wednesday will also be comfortable and dry, with sunny skies again and highs in the upper 60’s to low 70’s again, but less wind.

For Thursday, we have some energy in the area dropping down from the great lakes, but I don’t think it amounts to much. At a minimum, it could bring clouds into the area. Worst case scenario is a few light showers passing by in the morning, then another round Thursday night. For now, I will call for sun and clouds with low 70’s.


storm free

Our entrance into Memorial Day Weekend on Friday looks fairly decent, especially if we can get that energy out of here before sunrise. For now, we’re looking dry with 75-80 degree temps for Friday.

For Saturday, we remain looking dry for now, but a system will pass through at some point between Saturday eve and Sunday morning. Everything hangs on the timing of this system, but we might hit it just right. Expect more 75-80 degree temps for Saturday with clouds and sun.

For the moment, Sunday and Monday are looking good, especially Monday; with departing showers Sunday and mid 70’s, then breezy and seasonable Monday with 70-75 degree temps.

storm free



Please note that with regards to any tropical storms or hurricanes, should a storm be threatening, please consult your local National Weather Service office or your local government officials about what action you should be taking to protect life and property.