Summer Taste In New York City Today

Summer Taste In New York City Today

Good morning everyone. Yesterday, I stated that if we got a little bit of extra sun instead of morning patchy fog, that could clear the way for some warmer temps than previously expected. With the help of dying storms clearing the air last night, it looks like we might get a taste of summer on this mid-spring day. Meanwhile, comfortable air returns quickly, and we might just eek out a decent Memorial Day Weekend if the timing is right during this active, but not gloomy, pattern.


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Dying storms that went just N&W of the area, and a line of showers and storms well north and west of the area, have helped stabilize the air (temporarily) to some degree. This will allow for some early peeks of sun instead of low clouds and early fog.

More sun equals more warmth and we should get into the mid-80’s in most parts of the area. However, south facing shores and coastal/near coastal section, will probably stay in the upper 60’s to mid 70’s with a gusty seabreeze ahead of our cold front. Notoriously warmer spots, such as downtown Brooklyn and central Queens, could see a few upper 80 hits if we reach full potential.

The extra sun and warmth will also help destabilize the atmosphere later, with the chance of showers and storms in the afternoon. As of now, I think most of the energy slides to our north and south, with the central and southern NJ coast for the biggest risk of severe weather. However, don’t be surprised if we get a stray one here, or that NJ line extends slightly further north and we get brushed. Either way, keep your eye to the sky later on, and we’ll watch the radar to see what develops.


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Our cold front later, clears the air and brings back spring for tomorrow and Wednesday in the form of some really beautiful weather. Expect full sunshine, a fresh breeze, and highs in the low 70’s both days.

Clouds begin to creep in for Thursday, but we should still see some peeks of sun as the temps creep up as well. I believe we stay dry until Thursday night, and that should put us in the low to mid 70 territory.


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Showers ending well before sunrise Friday should give us a soft landing going into Memorial Day Weekend, with clearing skies and mid to upper 70’s for Friday. Our system hanging off to the west will begin to near us on Saturday, but it’ll be weak and we may just time this thing right. As of now, expect sun and clouds/increasing clouds Saturday, highs in the mid 70’s.

If we time this right, we could see a period of showers Saturday night, paving the way for a gorgeous Sunday and Monday. For the moment, we’ll call for AM clouds/PM Sun for Sunday, with 75-80 degree temps. Memorial Day itself on Monday, could be a repeat but with more sun, 75-80.

We’ll see how it all goes and adjust if need be. In the meantime, enjoy this summer day.

storm free



Please note that with regards to any tropical storms or hurricanes, should a storm be threatening, please consult your local National Weather Service office or your local government officials about what action you should be taking to protect life and property.