NYC Chilly Week Continues Mild But Rainy Monday Tuesday


NYC Chilly Week Continues Mild But Rainy Monday Tuesday

Good morning everyone. We remain locked into below average temps for the next few days, with Saturday being the coldest one of this 5 day stretch. After a fairly quiet rest of the week and weekend, things will also start to pick up.


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Early morning clouds will give way to mostly sunny skies, and a breezy day accompanying low to mid 40’s will help keep a chill in the air.

Tomorrow we’ll cloud up with a weak front entering the picture. This represents a reinforcing shot of cold air, but it’ll be short-lived. There will be the slight chance of a shower as the front passes, and we remain chilly in the low to mid 40’s. Expect 20’s overnight in most spots.


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Saturday will be the coldest day of the short-range forecast, with sunny skies and highs only going into the mid 30’s. Saturday night is also looking cold as NYC proper dips into the mid 20’s, and teens are possible away from the City, specifically N&W and the Pine Barrens of Long Island.

We recover quickly on Sunday as our next system is already knocking on the door. Expect a sunny start, then increasing clouds late. It’ll still be below-average, but seasonably chilly with mid 40’s.


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The first part of a wide-reaching system moves through on Monday in the form of a warm front. Look for clouds and on & off showery conditions throughout the day. It’ll be on the mild side, especially in the afternoon as we head into the mid 50’s.

On Tuesday, our warm front will pass by later int he day, but not before we see 55-60 degree temps for highs. Look for the chance of showers at any point of the day, but we could see a rumble of thunder as the front passes through.

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Temps drop into the upper 30’s on Wednesday, then we may barely get into the 30’s on Thursday. Next Friday may not look any better if things work out right and cold air is able to lock in. As of now, I’ll play conservative and say upper 20’s as highs, but we could dip lower. That following Saturday is also looking very cold, and Sunday we may modify a little bit depending on the position of high pressure and our next system.



Please note that with regards to any tropical storms or hurricanes, should a storm be threatening, please consult your local National Weather Service office or your local government officials about what action you should be taking to protect life and property.