NYC Heat & Humidity Return Tomorrow

NYC Heat & Humidity Return Tomorrow

07/03/24 11:15am ET

Good morning everyone. We have a lot on our hands in terms of the continued track and close monitoring of Hurricane Beryl, but first, we’ll take you to the Northeast. Today will be the last day of relatively comfortable summer weather before high humidity and heat return. Seasonable temps and moderate humidity today, will give way to upper 80’s and near 90 temps tomorrow through Monday. We’ll also have the chance of scattered severe storms each afternoon/evening from tomorrow through Saturday. There’s nothing out of the ordinary here, just a return to typical summer weather in the Tri-State region.

Next up is your severe weather risk in the western Great Lake State region come late tomorrow night and into early Friday morning. Low pressure coming out of the Dakotas will provide enough lift and shear to mix with that dome of heat in the Midwest, to spark off some really nasty thunderstorms across parts of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois. We could also see some severe weather possibly survive the trip to parts of Michigan and Indiana. These storms will be capable of damaging winds, frequent lightning, large hail, and strong tornadoes.

Finally, Category 4 Hurricane Beryl is making its final approach into the island of Jamaica. While the actual center of the system looks like it’ll slip just south of the island or the eye wall brushing the south shore, it doesn’t matter as far as the destructive power on its way. A slightly southern route puts the east and southeast shore in the “bullseye” as far as destructive storm surge, powerful winds, and torrential rain.Once Beryl is done with Jamaica, expect some sad news and scenes of devastation coming out of coastal sections of the island, especially out of Kingston and surrounding areas.

We’re also watching Beryl’s next target for what-will-be a crucial forecast for the Texas coast. Beryl’s track is still on course for the Yucatan of Mexico and a landfall in the Quintana Roo region. Strength at landfall, speed on land, and steering currents bringing it north/northwest after reemerging off of the Bay of Campeche, will be the marker as to if Texas will be dealing with a strong tropical storm, or perhaps a hurricane again.

As of this moment and also mentioned yesterday, there is a distinct possibility that Beryl could regain its hurricane status before making landfall on the Mexican coast just south of Texas, or even Texas itself. I do believe that at some point, it is possible Texas may be issued hurricane watches along part of the coast. Even if this scenario doesn’t play out, Texas is going to have a rough time on its hands as far as flooding rain and damaging/life threatening storm surge. Beryl will be bringing a lot of water with it, and with Texas being on the north/northeast quadrant of the storm, I believe we are going to have some big problems storm surge-wise.

Please stay tuned for the latest, and here is your local NYC metro forecast –


storm free

We have one more day of sunshine and comfortable weather before het and humidity return tomorrow. Highs today will be in the low to mid 80’s with dry conditions.


We’ll have AM sun tomorrow, then a mix of sun and clouds. Look for upper 80’s to near 90 and the chance of scattered PM storms. The same goes for Friday, but 90 might be more common throughout the area.

storm free

Saturday will also be oppressive with more upper 80’s to near 90, and we’ll see another chance of heavy PM storms. Sunday dries out precip-wise, but we keep the near 90 temps for a true summer feel.




Please note that with regards to any severe weather,  tropical storms, or hurricanes, should a storm be threatening, please consult your local National Weather Service office or your local government officials about what action you should be taking to protect life and property.