NYC Last Full Gloomy Day Signs Of Summer Building Across US

NYC Last Full Gloomy Day Signs Of Summer Building Across US

Good morning everyone. Today is our last day of full gloom before we begin the process of clearing all of this garbage out of here. It’ll come with the price of unpredictable pop up showers, gusty storms, and possible flooding, but at least it’s all coming to an end over the next 24hrs or so. Meanwhile, summer will break out in parts of the Midwest over the course of the next 10-15 days, which could equate to a warmup for us too.


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For today, you’re waking up to dense fog in many areas. That should begin to dissipate by mid-late morning, but coastal areas could see it hang around longer or until the rain starts. We’ll have the chance of pop-up showers and thunderstorms at any time throughout the day; and we will be watching the radar closely to see what develops near or over us.

Some storms will be capable of dropping copious amounts of rain in a short time and gusty winds. Localized flooding will also be a possible in poor drainage areas. Highs today in the 75-80 realm (cooler at the shore), but it’ll probably happen late.

The chance of showers and storms remain throughout the night and we’ll keep it going till some time tomorrow morning. Partial clearing will ensue by mid/late afternoon, we’ll begin to dry out, and turn up the wind machine. Some areas could see 30-35mph gusts, but that’ll help wick away the moisture and dry things out quickly. Highs tomorrow in the upper 70’s to low 80’s all the way to the shore.


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Our weekend is looking very good and I expect that to hold at this point. Expect sunny skies Saturday, stiff northwesterlies, and low 80’s all the way to the shore. It won’t be as gusty as tomorrow, but expect a fresh breeze along with the seasonably average temps.

On Sunday, we dial back the wind even more as highs pressure establishes itself over us. That’ll also help increase the warmth a bit as we go for mid to upper 80’s as highs with sunny skies.


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Some clouds, humidity , and the chance of showers/storms return for early next week, but replace the 70’s we had this week, with 80’s. I’m not going to go ahead of myself here because we may have to break it down day by day again.

As this is happening here, prolonged heat will begin to build in the Midwest. This is typically the marker for much warmer/hot temps here eventually. We’ll have to see if that heat builds and is able to drift east, or will it get suppressed and slide across the Mid-Atlantic before building up again in the Midwest.

Either way, this will be the first attempt and many more behind it. We are turning the gears of summer and it’ll eventually make it our way. Look for the very end of June/1st week of July for things to get interesting around here forecast-wise as we see if summer is able to creep in.

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Please note that with regards to any tropical storms or hurricanes, should a storm be threatening, please consult your local National Weather Service office or your local government officials about what action you should be taking to protect life and property.