NYC March Coming In Like A Lion But Not A Snowy Lion

NYC March Coming In Like A Lion But Not A Snowy Lion

Good morning everyone. Our beautiful weekend has begun and we should have a pretty nice stretch through Monday, then a few days of gloom begin. Coming up, we have unseasonably cold air behind each system, but each time it simply doesn’t last, and we get blasted with more rain.

March is definitely coming in like a lion, but not like the 1880’s, and more like a 1980’s lion.


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Sunny skies rule today and tomorrow, but there will be a difference in temperatures. Today we start off cool, then rise into the mid to upper 40’s as we recover from Thursday and yesterday’s cold. We’ll have another cool one tonight, but nothing extreme with low 30’s in NYC proper; mid to upper 20’s away from the City.

Tomorrow, we’re into the low to mid 50’s and the birds will be chirping and active for sure.


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Dry weather and mild conditions continue for Monday, but clouds will slowly begin to increase as our next piece-meal systems heads this way. Highs Monday in the mid 50’s if we can squeeze out some sunshine till early afternoon.

On and off rain heads in Tuesday afternoon, and those conditions will stick around all the way through Thursday AM with varying degrees of intensity. We’ll have a few waves of energy travel along a stalled out front, and rain may be moderate/heavy at times when the steady batches arrive. There will also be some spaces where nothing is going on, just clouds, drizzle, and fog. Highs will be in the 45-50 realm during this gloomy stretch.


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On Friday, cold weather returns as does the sunshine. Highs will drop back down into the mid to upper 30’s, which is below average for this time of year; and this will be the theme taking us into March with next weekend being on the cold side.

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Our cold-mild-rain-cold pattern will continue into at least mid-March, with no snow on the immediate horizon. However, some of these systems may be on the strong side, bringing us heavy rains and gusty winds before we go cold again.

March is definitely coming in like a lion, reminiscent of our winter seasons of the 80’s. Spring is starting to bubble up though in the lower Midwest and Southwest, so as tough as Old Man Winter wants to be at the end of this thing, expect a big mild pop once the pattern lets go.


Please note that with regards to any tropical storms or hurricanes, should a storm be threatening, please consult your local National Weather Service office or your local government officials about what action you should be taking to protect life and property.