CLOSE CALL STORM NYC WARM WEEKEND AHEAD – Good late morning everyone! Today we had ourselves a real close call in terms of these two systems merging in our backyard. Temperatures as of this moment are too warm for any snow, so as this system gets itself together to slam Maine once again, expect some scattered afternoon showers in the area. There is still a slight chance that this may end as some flurries or a brief period of scattered light snow when cold air filters down, but it is inconsequential at this point. Highs today will be in the mid to upper 40’s and we’ll have ourselves a windy and cool night as the low wraps up tight in the Gulf of Maine. Some parts of Maine that already saw 24-36″ of snow just a few days ago, could see another 12-18″ in some spots.

After everything clears out late this evening, we’ll begin the process of transitioning to a warmer period, but not before a cold and windy day tomorrow; with clouds and sun, highs in the mid to upper 30’s, maybe 40 if we can get some extra sun. On Friday, winds will calm down somewhat, but it’ll still be a bit breezy, especially in the morning; highs again in the mid to upper 30’s. On Saturday, the warm air begins to move in and we’ll have sunny skies, light southwesterly winds, and highs in the upper 40’s.

For Sunday, things really begin to warm up. Because of a light northwest wind, we could see unseasonably mild air all the way to the immediate shore, with highs in the upper 50’s to near 60 in most areas. Sometimes when this happens, the expected temperatures are more conservative than what the actual outcome is, so don’t be surprised if we crack 60 and creep a little higher; especially for Manhattan and across the river in New Jersey.

Warm Third Week of February, Then the Pushback Begins

The system pumping in warm air ahead of itself on Sunday, will continue to do so throughout next week. That being said, we need to watch as colder air tries to fight it’s way back from New England. We have to wait and see which airmass wins in order to determine exactly how warm it gets mid week next week. However, my gut tells me that the colder air eventually does win out, especially into lower New England. As this system bringing us the warmer air get’s stretched out, it’ll break apart into several different waves as it slowly creeps to the coast from the Midwest. Timing will be key as far as what the NYC area experiences, but late next week and/or into next weekend is shaping up to be active, especially in New England with the prospect of a possible ice storm; all of which depends on what the final outcome of this system is as it breaks apart and forms individual waves.

Behind next weekend’s possible system, is an active flow of systems slamming the west coast. The final path of these systems will determine whether we see any frozen precip, but the potential is certainly there as the beginning of March is looking very active; with cold air available in our area if these low pressure systems take the “right” track.

So in the long and short of things, we will experience 2 more cold days, then things warm up for several days. How warm will be determined if cooler air fights back from New England. Then, we watch for another transition to more active and cooler weather. How cool and system tracks will determine whether we can squeeze out some late winter snow as the odds will begin to shrink dramatically after this last attempt by Old Man Winter.



Satellite View

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CLOSE CALL STORM NYC WARM WEEKEND AHEAD – On the satellite you can visibly see the two systems (one to our south, one to our north) try and merge. They will do so, but it’ll be too late for the NYC area to see any accumulating snow. Maine once again will see the bulk of the action. Behind this system, the dark area represents warm, dry air.

Northeast Radar

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CLOSE CALL STORM NYC WARM WEEKEND AHEAD – Heavy rain slipping to the south of us, and snow showers to our north will combine for heavy snows in upper New England tonight and strong winds for us overnight.
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