Not Perfection Overall But NYC Emerges From Cool & Gloom Pattern


Not Perfection Overall But NYC Emerges From Cool & Gloom Pattern

Good morning everyone. We have some upbeat news looking down the stretch, which actually started yesterday with a gorgeous day. Today, we got the rain out of here very early and nothing is looking gloomy for long when the gloom does visit. Also, we can kiss the raw weather goodbye for at least the short-range.


storm free

Clouds and light showers are long gone from very early this morning as the sun and blue skies emerge. We’ll have more sun than clouds today and just a beautiful day overall as northwesterlies dry things out and help warm things up with some sinking air. Highs today will be a perfect mid 70’s in most spots.

Tomorrow, we still have issues with that cold front I’ve been talking about for several days. We’ll start off OK, then have more clouds than sun. Being ahead of the front for most of the day, we’ll be able to pull off a fairly mild/warm and humid day. Unfortunately, the chance of showers, then maybe a rumble of thunder, will be with us from the afternoon onward. Highs tomorrow ranging from the upper 60’s at the immediate south-facing shores, to 75-80 possible further inland (sunshine dependent).


storm free

Saturday has been and still is the easiest part of this forecast as we know that front on Friday clears things out and we’ll have a beautiful and dry day to start the weekend. Expect light westerlies, which could help warm things up a little better than forecasted, but we’ll go with 70-75 for now and adjust if need be.

Sunday was the sticking point and although there are still a few questions, we do know at a minimum that we are looking dry through the day. Cloud cover will be the question, which will determine how warm we go. For now, look for morning sunshine, then more clouds than sun; highs in the mid to upper 70’s. If we get some extra sun, don’t be surprised to see some 80’s popping in spots. If the clouds come in thicker and earlier, then we may have to dial things down and into the low 70’s.

Either way, we are looking better overall than the last few weeks.


storm free

To start next week, we continue to see the possibility of some showers on Monday, but I still don’t see a washout on our hands. We also continue to look mild, and again, sunshine will determine how mild or warm we go. We’ll go with mid 70’s for now, and make some adjustments as we get closer if need be.

As stated in prior forecasts, we remain in an active pattern, but at least things are moving now; and that’s part of the nuanced change going on. We have systems coming in every 2-4 days, but they’re clearing on out now and not getting hung up for the moment.

This should set us up for a beautiful Tuesday and Wednesday, then possibly another system Thursday; which could actually pave the way for a nice and very mild/warm Memorial Day Weekend (or at least most of it).

Will there be days with clouds? Yes. Will we have periods of showers? Yes. However, the worst issues with this pattern are now broken and we are on the road to recovery for now; with average to above average temps expected and drier conditions relative to the past 3 weeks.

storm free


Please note that with regards to any tropical storms or hurricanes, should a storm be threatening, please consult your local National Weather Service office or your local government officials about what action you should be taking to protect life and property.