NYC Hefty Storms Possible Tomorrow Evening

NYC Hefty Storms Possible Tomorrow Evening

Good morning everyone. Everything remains on schedule with the temperature swings, and we make a few slight adjustments here and there for cloud cover and frontal action. One of those adjustments will be for tomorrow, with a wave of low pressure possibly timed right as that cold front moves north to south. If it works out, it could spell for some trouble in our area with heavy storms.


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We start off today with that warm airmass trying to get into the area. Since the boundary is so close, we’ll start off with full cloudy skies this morning, then possibly see a few breaks as the day wears on. Expect highs in the upper 70’s to near 80.


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As stated yesterday, Wednesday & Thursday were going to be the complicated forecasts out of this week, and it is holding true to form. The warm air is here tomorrow, but the squeeze-play is close between a summer-like airmass and Canadian air fighting back from our north. That equates to some extra clouds all day tomorrow, especially late morning, onward. The cooler air to our north will eventually win out, but not before we go for mid to upper 80’s as highs.

A wave of low pressure may energize the front as everything sinks southward. Typically, these types of cold fronts don’t have much with them, but a wave timed perfectly could spell some trouble. This type of dynamic would set us up for some strong storms, possibly reaching severe limits, and their capability is usually strong winds and hail.

As far as timing, start watching the skies between 4-8pm, but we’ll fine-tune that timing tomorrow.


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After that, we cool off dramatically on Thursday and the warm air fails to make it back in on an attempt. This will put us in the way of precipitation riding the boundary-line, giving the area on and off scattered showers all day. It’ll also keep us very cool and raw, with low 60’s at best as highs. The more precipitation we get, the harder time we have at reaching 60.

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On Friday, everything is gone but the cool air and we clear out. Look for sunny skies and mid to upper 60’s on Friday with a cool stiff breeze. Our average highs this time of year are near 70, so upper 60’s would put us in the seasonal realm.

After a cold Friday night in the 40’s, with 30’s possible upstate and maybe even the Pine Barrens of Long Island, we recover into the low to mid 60’s Saturday. We modify nicely on Sunday ahead of another cold front, and we should see a typical early October day with highs near 70.

Stay tuned on tomorrow’s potential action.


Please note that with regards to any tropical storms or hurricanes, should a storm be threatening, please consult your local National Weather Service office or your local government officials about what action you should be taking to protect life and property.