NYC LATE SPRING LONG RANGE FORECAST – Good morning everyone! After a brief birthday hiatus, I’m back with some good news, and some bad news, then some good news. First I’ll hit you with some good news before I do a little dance and slap you with some bad news.

Today is going to be a beautiful day. The sun is out, we have a nice cool breeze, and the late spring sun is working hard to give us temps 75-80 (cooler along the shore). We have a slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm as cold air aloft, the sun working the atmosphere, and a little lift with the help of low pressure well to our north, may help touch off one here and there; especially north and west of the NYC area. Anything that does pop up will die out after sunset, and we will resume sunny and seasonable weather tomorrow, highs near 75.

For Sunday, the bad news begins to arrive. Low pressure will dip down from Canada, draping a weak frontal system across the area, helping to also bring up some moisture from Texas. Clouds will increase throughout the day and we’ll reach the low 70’s before a few showers and southeasterly winds move in to make things feel gloomy again. Sunday won’t be a complete rainout, but it’ll remind us of what our spring has been. We’ll wait and watch to see what this front does, because it’s possible it may stall across the area and send waves of low pressure across the region. As of now, I think we’ll have some steady rain overnight on Sunday night, then continuing Monday, keeping temps in the upper 60’s. Clouds, scattered showers, and cool temps will stick around as once again, the system will have a hard time clearing out until late week next week.

We’ll have our first shot at some sun Thursday or Friday and temps will try and rebound. Warm air will try and make it’s move for the weekend of the 10th, but we’ll have to wait and see how far north and east it’ll make it. It’s very possible we could find our area on the warm side of the boundary, but with warm air looking like it may not make it much further north of Connecticut, I will remain skeptical because that can be a sign of a close call. After the weekend of the 10th, very warm to hot air will attempt to make a second push into our area. This time, the signs are there that it has a better chance of wining out, especially in mid June (15-19th) as a big ridge begins to form and it has nowhere to go but drift east. This could also be a sign for some severe weather; first as the ridge begins to move in, then as we break a heatwave if it happens.

For the marine forecast, if your boat is ready, get out tomorrow! Tomorrow will be the best boating day of the week, with light westerly winds laying that water down nice and flat. For those who like to troll along the beach for stripers, sight cast, or drift the reefs for fluke coming in for the season, seas will be a pleasant 2ft height. Water temps are around 60 degrees on average, so this is the time of year where you will get a great variety as species overlap and all are active – stripers, blues, weakfish, seabass, blackfish, fluke, and even some small cod are still on the local reefs/wrecks. After tomorrow, things get snotty for an extended period, with northeasterly and southeastern winds kicking up that water from Sunday through at least Wednesday.

Satellite View

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NYC LATE SPRING LONG RANGE FORECAST – Clear skies continue until the sun helps for some puffy cumulus this afternoon. We’ll have a slight chance of an isolated storm, but then everything fizzles out for another beautiful day tomorrow.

Northeast Radar

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Radar is quiet, but we may see a few popcorn style storms pop up in the afternoon. Most of the action, if any,  will be to the north of the NYC area.

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