NYC Sunny Warm Double Header

NYC Sunny Warm Double Header

Good morning everyone and what a glorious day it is. Aside from some patchy fog scattered about, we have a very sunny, warm and pleasant day ahead. We’ll get to do it all again tomorrow, then Sunday is back to it’s old tricks.


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Any patchy fog leftover in spots will dissipate over the next couple of hours, giving way to full sunshine like the rest of us. We’ll have a steady northwesterly flow, which will help dry things out humidity wise, and help boost us into the 80-85 range in most spots. Near 80/low 80’s will be more common, but you could see a few 85 hits here and there.


storm free

We extend the good stuff into tomorrow, but the wind profile will be different. Expect full sunshine again, but a developing southerly fetch will help creep up the humidity a little bit; and a seabreeze could also be a factor along the immediate shore. Highs 80-85 again tomorrow, but cooler at the shore compared to today.

Clouds increase tomorrow evening/night, and we’ll have the slight chance of showers moving through as our next system heads our way. The action should be widely scattered, but a few rumbles of thunder may mix in.

I still believe on Sunday that any rain we get comes in two parts; one early in the morning, then maybe another shot of showers and storms possible late in the afternoon onward. In between, we could see a brief shower at any time, but I don’t think the day is a washout. We should see a little bit of sunshine and that will dictate how our temps will go. For now, I’ll say 75-80, and that may need to be scaled back or boosted 3-5 degrees depending on the sun.


storm free

The good thing about Sunday’s system is that by nighttime, it’s gone. Low pressure well to the north of us may be stubborn for 12-18 extra hours, but that’ll actually help usher in high pressure with cooler and drier air. Midweek was looking iffy, but I think at this point we string together a nice Monday, Tuesday, AND Wednesday, before our next system arrives.

Monday and Tuesday are looking seasonably cool and dry, highs in the low to mid 70’s with a nice breeze. Then I think the sun sticks around for most of Wednesday before clouds increase late. We could see upper 70’s to low 80’s, and we also notch up the humidity a bit as our next system arrives.

If you saw my live video yesterday on Angry Ben’s Angry Weather on Facebook, I discussed how things get unsettled again and that idea remains strong. A ridge will re-establish itself over the Southeast, creating another heatwave for them; and another situation for us in terms of areas of thunderstorms and big temp swings/varying conditions. This process should start between Wednesday night and sometime Thursday, and I don’t think we kick it out till some time between next Sunday and that following Tuesday.

storm free



Please note that with regards to any tropical storms or hurricanes, should a storm be threatening, please consult your local National Weather Service office or your local government officials about what action you should be taking to protect life and property.