Tropical Storm Dorian Path Poses Bigger Problems For Southeast

Tropical Storm Dorian Path Poses Bigger Problems For Southeast

Good morning everyone. In the world of tropical systems, 12-24 hours can make a big difference in terms of long range forecasts and a storm’s destiny. When it comes to Tropical Storm Dorian, this seems to be the case as Dorian will avoid major and prolonged interaction with land. This changes the destiny in a big way, which will cause big headaches for the Southeast when it gets here. In other news, outlying areas of moisture associated with Tropical Storm Erin will brush us today as it continues to move parallel but safely away from the coast.


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For today, we get squeezed on both ends, with a front heading in from our west, and some of Erin’s moisture coming in off of the ocean. The best chance to see Erin’s rain is the east end of Long Island, but we will also see clouds and the chance of showers here as well. Full cloudy skies will hinder us today and keep us in the mid to upper 70’s and humid in most spots.

Tomorrow, we clear out for a beautiful, warm, and dry day. Steady northwesterlies will help boost us into the low to mid 80’s, while keeping us sunny and dry humidity-wise. We switch the winds around on Friday as a weak cold front approaches, and that’ll help us see some mid 80’s, maybe even a few upper 80’s in spots. We’ll remain on the comfortable side, but you may notice humidity creeping up a bit.


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Your Labor Day Weekend is holding steady and we’re just about ready to call Labor Day itself. Saturday remains looking sunny, warm, and comfortable, with low 80’s throughout the area. Cooler air and some clouds work their way in on Sunday as high pressure begins to slide to our east, and we should see 75-80 degree temps. The more sun we get, the closer to 80 we’ll get.

Labor Day continues to look like we have a maritime influence in the area, and for now, we’ll say cloudy to mostly cloudy skies with the slight chance of a shower. Highs in the upper 70’s to near 80.


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In regards to the tropics, we are beginning to switch modes and become more concerned for Florida and the Southeast. Tropical Storm Dorian is essentially avoiding any major and prolonged land interaction, which means it won’t need much recovery time if any at all. Also, due to the steering mechanics, we are slowing things down a bit, which gives it more time to strengthen as it enters more favorable atmospheric conditions.

At this point, from Miami on north to Charleston, SC, we need to watch this very closely, as we could have a Category 2 or more hurricane lurking in the area by some time on Sunday. For those who live down there in that window, now is the time to go over your hurricane supplies and plans in case you find yourself in the path.

We essentially have 4 days to nail this forecast down, so take the time and make sure everything is up to date and make changes as needed. Don’t buy into any hysterics, but at the same time don’t be lax. Things are evolving and we will take it as it comes in a measured way.

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Please note that with regards to any tropical storms or hurricanes, should a storm be threatening, please consult your local National Weather Service office or your local government officials about what action you should be taking to protect life and property.